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OOO "KARMIL TRADE" ambitious new enterprise is ready to take a significant segment of the market for the sale of feeds, sunflower seeds and  biofuel in Ukraine. Currently, the main activities are the sale of high-quality forage (selling sunflower seed cake, sunflower meal, soybean cake, soybean meal) for cattle, poultry and fish. In a short time company had established direct partnerships with a number of suppliers of soybeans, sunflower seeds, other agricultural products and different kinds of biofuel. Our regular customers are farms and feed mills that buy and are satisfied with our supplying.

Always full range of products is available, we are working well, coped with all of our customers. Here you will find an individual approach to each client, qualified staff and competitive prices allow  OOO "KARMIL TRADE" to be your reliable partner.The company has all kinds of documents and potential for safe and secure sending goods abroad. The price is convenient and negotiate as we are working without intermediaries and try to preserve our competitiveness and good name of the company. Delivery of products is carried out by any official ways, cash and non-cash, and the most comfortable for each of us; to 2000t per month (FOB, CIF, CFR). OOO "Carmen TRADE" manufactures products exclusively on the basis of certified raw material, and a comprehensive survey passes in front of it Certificates of quality for products are provided directly to the customer or at the buyer's request, see contacts). We provide high quality and fair description of all our products according to the state standards of Ukraine, the EU and other countries.

Depending on the quantity and delivery terms, we can not provide the price in this section.You can call us or send a request - we will find mutual benefit in our reliable and successful cooperation.



OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers oilcake at wholesale prices and norms. It is used both in pure form, and include in the feed. Oilcake can be used in the diet of any pet, most sunflower meal fed these types of animals: cattle, poultry, rabbits, pigs and fish.Bagasse or oilcake has very high energy and nutritional value, because it contains large amounts of protein and fat in an amount of 7-10%. Also the cake remains sunflower oil, which contains vitamin E, phospholipids and has low oxidative.

OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers sunflower meal at wholesale prices and norms. Sunflower meal - the most common source of protein in our country. Sunflower meal and cake contains from 30 to 43% crude protein, deficient in lysine, but unlike other cakes and meals contain virtually no anti-nutrients.

OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers grains (DDGS). It is used in rations of all kinds of animals, birds and fish, it has a lot of micro-additives and contains no harmful substances, impurities.According to the protein content of amino acids, macro and trace elements, which play an important role in metabolism and growth processes of animals, dry distillers grains ahead of the majority of food products.The product makes it possible to reduce the cost of the cost of feed and achieve savings for fattening.

OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers - brewer's grain. It is a waste of the brewing industry - thick, remaining after the digestion and extraction of barley mash. It comprises particles of grain kernels and shells. It is used in animal feeding in fresh and dried form, for the production of biogas. The 100 kilograms of fresh spent grains - 21.2 feed units and 4.2 kg of digestible protein; 100 kg of dry - feed units 75.7 and 16.9 kg of digestible protein.

OOO "KARMIL TRADE" offers feed salt. Feed salt - this is an excellent mineral fertilizer for agricultural animals and birds. Feed salt increases the appetite and helps the absorption of feed, thereby preventing weight loss in animals, promotes proper development of bone tissue and wool, has an effect on milk yield, and essential in the prevention of diseases in young animals.

OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers fodder chalk. This eco-friendly natural feed supplement for the enrichment of the diet of birds and chickens , cows, horses , goats, sheep, pigs , snails , chinchillas and other animals .

OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers wheat bran . Good food for all kinds of animals . Has a beneficial effect on milk production. Cooked in the form of mash with warm water , they are slightly, but when giving to dry can prevent diarrhea in an animal. Bran is generally administered in animal feed rations and sheep and dairy cows , sheep and cattle for fattening up to 50-60 % , for horses - up to 40 % , for calves older than six months , pregnant and lactating sows , boars - up to 35-40 % , for young and bacon pigs - up to 20-25 % .

OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers feed wheat. Feed wheat  is a highly ideal element in the diet of farm animals , in particular , it is used for fattening pigs and birds. Feed wheat , you can buy with our help, produced on the basis of certified raw material , and a comprehensive survey passes in front of it. the company saves during the processing of all of the mealy core , seed and fruit elements grain ; increase the amount of starch and reduced fiber content.


OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers confectionary sunflower. It big breeding culture with excellent taste . Especially prized confection sunflower seeds grown in the southern regions of Ukraine. Especially prized confection sunflower seeds grown in the southern regions of Ukraine. The largest fraction of the seeds may have a size of 9 mm . It is the size and consistency of high nutritive consistency nutrients distinguished confectionary sunflower seeds from other breeding species.


OOO "KARMIL TRADE” offers briquettes and peletts. The form of preparation of various wood waste , peat , agricultural wastes, and so on . P. For use as bio-fuels, compressed wood waste (sawdust, chips, shavings, etc.), agriculture (straw, husks, corn and others . ), peat , charcoal.


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